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Discover the enchanting Villa Palma, a pristine retreat nestled in a picturesque setting where the sun's golden rays dance across the gentle sea waves. This luxurious villa is an ideal haven for those seeking a blend of sophistication and tranquility. With its four modern bedrooms, each equipped with an en-suite bathroom, Villa Palma comfortably accommodates up to eight guests, making it perfect for family vacations or group retreats. Each bedroom in Villa Palma features stylish double beds adorned with unique wooden accents, ensuring restful nights. The en-suite bathrooms offer a private sanctuary where guests can unwind in peace. The heart of the villa is its expansive open-plan area, which combines the kitchen, dining room, and living room into a harmonious space. Step outside to explore the villa’s stunning garden, where a spectacular outdoor pool awaits, seemingly extending into the horizon. The pool area, complete with luxurious lounge chairs, offers an exceptional spot for relaxation. Additional amenities include a covered outdoor dining area and a barbecue, perfect for al fresco dining under the stars. Not to be missed, the villa’s small private beach, carved into the rocks, provides an exclusive escape to seaside serenity.


Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 4
Max persons 8

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from €1,500.00 Per night
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Hold your dates for this property now and if for any reason you change your mind in the next 48 hours* you’ll get a 100% refund, no questions asked! Details

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Molunat, a hidden gem on Croatia's Adriatic coast, offers tranquil beauty with its pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters. This quaint village, surrounded by lush Mediterranean greenery, is perfect for those seeking peace and a touch of local charm, making it an idyllic backdrop for Villa Palma.


In the serene village of Molunat, visitors can engage in a variety of activities tailored to both relaxation and adventure. Explore the underwater world through scuba diving and snorkeling, discovering vibrant marine life in the crystal-clear waters. Enjoy kayaking along the picturesque coastline or hiking through lush trails that offer panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea. For a taste of local culture, participate in fishing excursions or visit nearby vineyards to savor the flavors of the region's exquisite wines. Whether you're looking to unwind on the beach, adventure into nature, or immerse yourself in local traditions, Molunat provides the perfect setting for a memorable experience.

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Bus stop 10 m Beach 0.1 km Sea 0.1 km Restaurant 0.3 km Cafe bar 0.5 km Bank 0.7 km Bank ATM 0.7 km City center 0.7 km Shops 0.8 km Dentist 10 km Doctor 10 km Gas station 10 km Pharmacy 10 km Tourist Info Centre 10 km Airport 20 km Sports 25 km Ferry 40 km Marina 40 km

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