How to stay chill this summer?

July 13 2022
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In this blog post we don’t get into the reasons for the summer heat, we give you great advice on what to do about it.

As the temperatures get flaming hot throughout the northern hemisphere, many of you are probably sitting in an air-conditioned office, scrolling through your endless Instagram feed, watching your friends show off their latest destination-hopping crusade. And as the sweat starts dripping from your forehead onto the screen, you start asking yourself – what can I do to cool down this summer? Well, worry no more – cause we’re here to help you out. Just follow these six simple steps and you’ll be cool in no time.



1. Pack your stuff and come to the coast


It’s been common knowledge since forever that cities near the sea are cooler during the summer than the ones smack in the middle of the continent. And what better coasts to visit than Istria and Dalmatia. It’s no wonder that Roman emperors chose exactly these places for their summer homes, like Diocletian whose weekend getaway basically became what is today known as Split. 

If you’re flexible we recommend you come in September or even early October because the weather is great, the sea is warm, and you won’t be overwhelmed with crowds of people, unless that’s your shtick and it’s why you came to the Mediterranean in the first place. Yes, we know that your boss isn’t going to be extremely happy about that, but just remind her that you’ll be checking your email every ten minutes (we both know that’s a lie) and that she doesn’t really have a choice since there’s a labour shortage at the moment.



2. Definitely keep yourself hydrated


And where better than in Croatia, a country well known for having a wide arsenal of drinks to satisfy everyone’s taste. Whatever part of Croatia you happen to be in, there are great wineries where you can try out whatever comes to mind, including authentic varieties like malvazija, plavac, plavac mali, pošip, grk and vugava. If wine is not your cup of well… wine, there are plenty of up-and-coming craft breweries that will excite your palate. And if for some reason you don’t like alcohol (hey, we’re not judging!), we’ve got some pretty awesome natural water springs where you can take a refreshing sip.


3. Keep stress to a minimum


Trust us. Okay, don’t trust us, but trust the doctors that say so. To do that you should definitely go visit places like Brijuni, a wonderful serene and tranquil island oasis located on the west coast of Istria. There you can ride a bike whilst surrounded by baby deer, stare at the sea, soak in the sun and pet a donkey. And what could be more calming than cuddling a donkey. You can also visit Lastovo, a secluded island archipelago where work related emails can’t reach you and news sites refresh really really slowly.



4. Try relaxing for a change


Do some summer activities like sleeping (remember how to do that?), chilling out on a floatie in the pool or hiking through the captivating Istrian countryside. Of course, you can always sign up for the Poreč Ironman or the Istria Ultratrail and lose 19 hours and a couple of toenails while trying to run a hundred miles, but… why would you do that? Instead, we suggest you find a nice spa or hit the pools and saunas (Escapian has a great selection, btw) and take a nap in the relaxation rooms.


5. Surround yourself with as much ice as possible


Look, you don’t need to have a PhD in meteorology to see that the temperatures are going through the roof. So, what you need to do is immerse yourself in as much ice as you possibly can. Given the fact that Croatia has long been a cocktail mecca - we suggest you stroll downtown and try out some ice-cold cocktails on the menu. You can find them all over the place – whether it be bars, restaurants or festivals.


6. Buy a fan


Electric or even manual.


Written by Luka