Best beaches in Croatia: Dalmatia, Part 1

June 24 2022
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Each year, many Croatian beaches make the list of Europe’s most beautiful. Not a surprise, since our “land of a thousand islands” has a total coast length of 6 278 kilometers. There are a million more or less hidden coves and nooks to explore and that’s why often one can't see the forest through the trees. And we are here to help you choose!


Even though that’s precisely what you’ll typically find — a pine tree forest as the backdrop of a bright rocky beach, complemented with wonderful turquoise sea waves — Croatia has it all. Sand, pebbles, cliffs. Shade and sun. Calm sea, wild waves. Jovial crowds playing beach sports, completely secluded spots. Beaches where you can become a windsurfing Jedi and the ones just perfect for resting. We give you twelve great beaches in Dalmatia, all absolutely worth the visit. 


1. Zlatni rat, Bol, Brač

The shape of this incredible beach on the south side of the island of Brač constantly changes due to the winds and currents. Known as the windsurfers’ heaven, one side of the Golden Horn is always windy, while the other is calm. There’s plenty of sun, natural shade provided by old pine trees, perfectly shaped pebbles you can run on, cozy cocktail bars, and, of course, wonderful, clear sea all around. Plus, it’s super easy to approach and truly offers something to everybody. 


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2. Sakarun, Dugi otok


Located on the northwest of Dugi otok, the island of unspoiled beauty, Sakarun is one of the rare white sand beaches in Croatia. Dugi otok is a great destination on its own, but it can also make a wonderful day trip from Zadar. Once you get there, you can easily get to Sakarun by boat, bike or car, and also by a tourist train which departs from Božava every two hours (ideal if you took a regular catamaran line from Zadar to Božava).  


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3. Beritnica, Metajna, Pag


This is not a place where you’ll sip on Piña coladas and devour sea bass ceviche (unless you bring your own). Beritnica is a secluded beach, placed on a moon-like part of the island of Pag, not far from the village of Metajna. You have to earn your swim here by walking a rocky trail for about 30 minutes (please don’t do it in flip-flops!), or simply come by boat. But when you finally get to Beritnica, it’s so worth it, because you’ll immediately be transported to another planet. A must-see, surreal beach. Just don’t forget to take water and a hat for the summer visits.


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4. Divna, Pelješac


You’re driving through the picturesque vineyards of Pelješac, making a stop here and there, and then suddenly, the view opens up — and there it is! A beach straight out of a dream. A combination of sand and pebbles, turquoise sea, with the backdrop of a dramatic forested hill. Sunbathing, snorkeling, swimming to the nearby little island of the same name — all seems ideal on the beach called Divna, or Wonderful”. 


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5. Nugal, Makarska/Tučepi


Jump off the cliffs or get into the big blue bit by bit from the pebbly part of this unique gem of the Makarska riviera. Placed on a peninsula of Osejava between Makarska and Tučepi, this naturist beach is only accessible by boat or by foot. It’ll take a half an hour hike through the park forest, just make sure you get on the right trail, so you don’t end up on the steep alternatives (which could make you feel a bit uneasy). Remember to bring some water and food along, because you’ll never want to leave this place. 


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6. Stiniva, Vis


Located in the south of the island of Vis, one of the locals’ favourite islands, Stiniva is without a doubt an impressive sight. The cove is most admired for its unique natural shape, hugged by the high cliffs that form a narrow passage to the open sea. It’s best to get to Stiniva by boat, but you can also hike there (it takes about 20 minutes). Just be warned, the trail is challenging for the less experienced. 


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Written by Anja