Top 10 Must-Visit Destinations for New Year Celebration 2024 in Croatia

December 13 2023 Discover the top 10 destinations in Croatia for an unforgettable New Year celebration in 2024. From Zagreb's vibrant parties to Dubrovnik's charming streets, find the perfect spot for your festive getaway.
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Welcome, dear travelers, to a whole new journey of fun, excitement, and thrilling adventure! We are talking about ushering in the New Year 2024 in the beautiful landscapes of Croatia. And believe us, celebrating New Year's Eve in this captivating country is an experience like no other. So, fasten your excitement, count your seconds, the party is about to get started!


Brief Explanation of the Significance of New Year Celebrations in Croatia

Croatians really know how to celebrate New Year's Eve. Be it the fireworks lighting up the skies or the streets buzzing with laughter and chatter, the air is filled with hospitality and jubilation. Every town, every city has its unique way of celebrating with music, dance, food, and craic!

The Year 2024 - A Time for Travel and Celebration

2024 is a significant year. It's the year we embrace the return of normalcy after long periods of uncertainty. It's the perfect time to unleash the travel bug in you, especially when a country as gorgeous as Croatia is calling for a celebration. Join us as we herald in 2024 basking in the charm and allure of Croatia! 


Zagreb, the heart-beating capital of Croatia, is renowned for the splendid charm it epitomizes during the New Year Celebrations. Famed for its grand and atmospheric advent markets, the city dress in a mesmerizing light show during this time, and there's a palpable sense of merriment in every corner.  

Main New Year Festivities and Attractions in Zagreb

The main square, Ban Jelačić Square, comes alive with a grand concert, fireworks display, and countless stands selling local food and drinks. The Ice Park at King Tomislav Square, with stunning ice rinks amidst spectacular light displays, is another captivating spectacle that wins over the hearts of both kids and adults alike.  

Highlight of Popular Events and Venues for Celebrations

For a more serene experience, the Upper Town offers numerous private accommodation where you can welcome 2024 in style with a fantastic view of the city. Popular events include the grand New Year's Eve Concert and performances by renowned DJs at the Zagreb Cathedral. This year guests will be entertained by the bend Let 3 and Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra on Zagreb’s main square.      


Dubrovnik, sometimes referred to as "the Pearl of the Adriatic", undoubtedly takes a top spot on the must-visit list for New Year 2024 celebrations in Croatia. This enchanting city takes its New Year celebrations to the next level — from open-air parties and live concerts in its ancient squares to warm, convivial gatherings in chic restaurants and bars. 

Overview of the unique New Year celebrations in Dubrovnik

The festive vibes start spreading early in December, and by the time New Year's Eve arrives, the whole city is alit with spectacular lights, radiant smiles, and contagious cheer. The festivities usually begin with a traditional Christmas procession followed by: 

  • A folk dance performance showcasing rich Croatian culture 
  • Fireworks illuminating the midnight sky over the Old Town 
  • New Year's Day concert featuring prominent Croatian musicians  

Historical sites and cultural events during this time

During this festive season, the city's iconic historical sites like the city walls and Fort Lovrijenac are gloriously lit up, offering breathtaking backdrops for memorable photos. Cultural events run aplenty too, including exhibitions, winter festivals, ballet performances, and opera nights. In the New Year's night, guests will be entertained by Zdravko Čolić, who will perform on Stradun.  Additionally, many private villas offer exclusive New Year's packages for a luxurious yet homely stay, making Dubrovnik one hot spot for ringing in the New Year!    


Welcome to Split, the beating heart of Dalmatia, which holds one of the most energetic New Year celebrations in Croatia. It offers its own unique vibe during this festive period, accentuated by the joyous atmosphere that the locals and visitors bring. 

Lively atmosphere during New Year in Split

Imagine entering the New Year in a city that's a blend of ancient history and modern party vibes. Split, famous for its Roman palace, gets all decked up for New Year's like a bride. The town squares and cafes buzz with holiday cheer and excitement, welcoming everyone with open arms. Street performers, pop-up markets, and delicious food stalls add to the charm of the city, making the experience more magical. 

Highlight of outdoor activities and nightlife options

  • Split's waterfront, studded with charming cafes and bars, becomes a hub of activity during New Year's Eve, offering a lively nightlife experience. 
  • For outdoor lovers, many exciting activities like hiking up Marjan Hill for a striking view of the city or wandering in the old town are available. 
  • Night owls can enjoy the club scene along the Split Riviera, dive into the festive spirit and dance all night to greet 2024!  

Immerse yourself in a memorable New Year celebration in Split, where every moment promises to be an extraordinary experience. Doris Dragović, Kuzma & Shaka Zulu together with rap singer Grše will entertain guests staying in Split. Don't forget to book a private villa to bask in luxury and comfort. Enjoy a breathtaking view, top-notch amenities, and start your new year with a relaxing retreat.   


Exuding charm and authentic coastal vibes, Rovinj is undoubtedly one of the top destinations to ring in New Year 2024 in Croatia. This picture-perfect town with its snaking cobblestone streets comes alive during the festive season. It is the perfect blend of traditional Croatian culture, medieval architecture, and vivacious New Year celebrations. 

Charming New Year Celebrations in Rovinj

Rovinj's New Year's Eve festivities are truly unique and engulf the entire town in a merry spirit. Not only are there traditional Croatian dances and performances, but the town also hosts impressive fireworks display over the Adriatic Sea. Throughout the night, locals and tourists alike will bond over incredible local specialties and champagne accompanied by music performance of Dubioza Kolektiv.    

Cozy Restaurants and Beautiful Waterfront Views

Dining in Rovinj presents a one-of-a-kind experience. With numerous cozy restaurants dotted along the beautiful waterfront, visitors can savor traditional Istria cuisine. Notable places include:  

  • La Puntulina: Nestled amidst a rocky landscape, the restaurant offers stunning views of the Adriatic Sea.  
  • Monte: This Michelin-starred restaurant is known for its inventive menu.  
  • Piassa Granda: An absolute haven for seafood lovers and those who wish to enjoy the stunning views of Rovinj's plaza. 

As well as culinary delights, Rovinj is popular for its private villas boasting mesmerizing views of the sea and offering a blend of luxury and comfort. Hence, making your New Year celebrations even more memorable.   


Welcome to Pula, a spectacular city in Croatia that gets all decked up for New Year celebrations. Pula is known for its vibrant ambiance, buzzing nightlife, and heritage that adds an extra charm to the New Year vibe. 

Overview of the New Year festivities in Pula

In Pula, the New Year celebrations are not just confined to the 31st of December. The city indulges in festive cheer with a grand buildup leading to the main event. You can expect street fairs, live music, and local cuisine tastings, setting the mood for the grand night. 

  • Live concerts: This year guests will be entertained by Indira Forza and Vojko V.  
  • Street fairs: Discover local crafts, food, and beverages. 
  • Local delicacies: Don't miss out on tasting the local cuisine of Pula.  

Historical landmarks and fireworks displays

Pula is a city rich in history, and its historical landmarks like the Roman Amphitheater get a festive glow during New Year's Eve.   


Zadar, a historic city on Croatia's picturesque Dalmatian coast, is a must-visit for anyone planning to ring in New Year 2024 in style. Dubbed as the city with the most beautiful sunset in the world by legendary director Alfred Hitchcock, Zadar transforms into a vibrant hub of celebrations during New Year's Eve.  

Vibrant New Year Celebrations

  • Street celebrations are open to all, and the entire city dances to the beats of live music, ushering in the New Year with joyous camaraderie and high spirits.
  • The local bars and restaurants are filled with cheery revelers, and exclusive private villas provide a more intimate soiree for those seeking solitarily.   

Cultural Performances and Music Events

One of Zadar's key highlights during New Year celebrations is its schedule of cultural performances. Featuring local folk dances to international modern dance ensembles, the city offers a rich tapestry of expressions set to music. Music events range from serene classical performances in the ancient cathedrals to live concerts featuring some of Croatia's top rock bands, ensuring there's something for every taste. Main music performances this year will be by Ivica Sikirić Ićo i Joško Čagalj Jole. Prepare for a New Year celebration like no other in this enchanting city!  

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Starting our list with a UNESCO World Heritage site, Plitvice Lakes National Park is a must-visit location to celebrate the upcoming New Year 2024 - a perfect place for those who relish nature's beauty glazed with winter charm. 

Unique New Year Experience 

The park turns magical around New Year’s Eve. Imagine welcoming the New Year surrounded by magical landscapes, frozen waterfalls, and snow-covered paths. The park also hosts special events and festivities for the occasion. The local community organizes traditional music dances and a feast of Croatian culinary delights that promise a unique and heartwarming New Year celebration. 

Winter Activities and Scenic Beauty

Winter brings a whole new look to the Plitvice Lakes. You can enjoy:

  • Ice-skating by the stunning frozen lakes 
  • Scenic winter treks for the adventurous souls 
  • Warming up with hot wine and traditional Croatian sausages at food stalls  

The National Park covered in snow is a sight to behold and the perfect backdrop for your New Year celebration. Don't forget, the beauty of Plitvice is best experienced in the private villas that offer a panoramic view of the park. 

Hvar Island

Renowned for its beautiful beaches and sunny weather, Hvar Island offers a spectacular stage for ringing in the New Year. Every year, this picturesque Island blooms with enchanting light displays and a range of celebrations that bring in travellers from around the world.    

New Year celebrations on Hvar Island

Emerging as a haven for New Year's Eve revelers, Hvar Island promises a memorable celebration. The evening starts with a bustling open-air party in the town square where you can feast on local delicacies and wines.  

Beach parties

Beach parties are the heart of Hvar’s New Year celebrations. Bonj 'les bains', a stunning beach club, hosts an annual get-together that is unmissable due to its soothing music, free-flowing drinks, and exquisite cuisine.  

Experiencing the arrival of the New Year on Hvar Island is a special treat. Whether you prefer a friendly party in town or a classy celebration at a beach resort, it’s sure to be a night you will never forget. 

Krk Island

Get ready for an unforgettable New Year experience on Krk Island, one of Croatia's most popular destinations.  

New Year festivities on Krk Island

Come New Year's Eve, the island transforms into a winter wonderland, complete with sparkling lights illuminating its cobblestone streets. At the heart of Krk, a grand countdown party gathers locals and visitors alike, making for an electrifying atmosphere as fireworks light up the night sky at midnight. You can also experience festive music performances and enjoy savory treats from numerous pop-up stalls. 

Traditional customs and local cuisine 

Krk Island's New Year celebrations are also incredibly rich in tradition. A common custom is to welcome the first sunrise of the new year at the beach, a truly magical sight to behold. On the culinary side, make sure to try 'Surlice,' a local pasta dish, and the 'Presnac,' a delicious cheese-filled pastry. You also can't miss the traditional mulled wine, a common festive staple. Most private villas have chefs that can prepare these local flavors for you as well. Wine enthusiasts will appreciate the locally produced Vrbnicka Zlahtina wine, the island’s pride. So, for a unique blend of fun, culture, and gastronomic delight, ring in 2024 on Krk Island! 


Let’s take a quick trip back through the marvels of Croatia and relive the highlights. From festive fireworks on the Dubrovnik Stradun to the midnight ball drop in the heart of Zagreb at Ban Jelačić Square. Remember the charming stone streets of Split during New Year's and the magical atmosphere of Rovinj with its elegant private villas. Let's not forget the holiday fairs of Makarska and the beach parties of Zadar. The festive season adds a special charm to already mesmerizing cities like Pula and Hvar. And let's not forget the traditional celebrations of Osijek, rounding up the top 10.  

To wrap it up, celebrating New Year in Croatia offers a unique and diverse mixture of tradition, celebration, and beauty. Between the stunning architectural wonders and the invigorating New Year celebrations, there's truly something for everyone in Croatia. Whether you prefer to party the night away on idyllic beaches, revel in the charming streets of ancient towns, or simply sip mulled  wine in a cozy, private villa, embrace 2024 in style with a memorable Croatian New Year's  celebration. The variety of experiences make Croatia one of the ideal spots to usher in a New Year. Happy planning and here's to a spectacular 2024!       

Written by Igor