Vis: The Undiscovered Treasure of the Croatian Coastline

September 11 2023 When it comes to European getaways, Croatia stands out with its captivating blend of history, gastronomy, and nature. However, while many are familiar with the grandeur of Dubrovnik or the allure of Split, few have had the pleasure of uncovering the hidden paradise that is Vis.
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Vis, a far-flung gem, nestled in the heart of the Adriatic, offers discerning travelers a unique blend of untouched beauty and refined luxury. Escapian, your trusted partner in curating bespoke luxury experiences. We believe that traveling is not just about destinations but about truly immersive experiences. Our curated selection of luxury villas on Vis promises not just a stay but an indelible memory.


Secluded Beaches: 

  • Stiniva Cove: A testament to nature's artistry, Stiniva Cove is a piece of heaven on earth. Guarded by towering cliffs, the cove's narrow sea entrance reveals a secluded pebble beach. The azure waters, pristine and clear, beckon for a swim or a snorkeling session. Named Europe's most beautiful beach in 2016, Stiniva is a must-visit for every Escapian guest.

🍴 Gastronomic Delights:


  • Konoba Golub: Tucked away in Vis town, Konoba Golub offers a rich taste of Dalmatian cuisine. It’s not just about food, but about tradition, history, and stories passed down through generations. Every dish, from the grilled squid to the octopus salad, speaks of the island's deep-rooted culinary traditions. 
  • Villa Kaliopa: Dine amidst history and nature. Located in a centuries-old garden, Villa Kaliopa blends romance, history, and gastronomy. The menu boasts of local delicacies, each carrying the taste of Vis's rich soil and clear waters. 
  • Aerodrom Gostionica Wine House: An experience for both oenophiles and gastronomes. Situated near the Vis airfield, this wine house offers a diverse wine list, prominently featuring local Croatian varieties. Their food, a palette of traditional flavors elevated by modern techniques, pairs perfectly with the wines, making it an essential stop on the island.

🌄 Panoramic Vistas:


  • Fort George: History, art, and nature converge at Fort George. Originally built by the British navy, today it stands as a symbol of Vis's rich tapestry of cultures and histories. The views from the fort, especially during sunset, are truly soul-stirring. The Adriatic stretches out, endless and blue, dotted with islands and lit by the golden hues of the setting sun.


Local Wine Odyssey:


The history of wine on Vis is as old as the island itself. Embark on a wine journey, tasting the indigenous Vugava, a white wine with notes of the island's sunshine, and the robust Plavac Mali. With Escapian, you can even organize visits to local wineries, diving deep into the world of Croatian wines.


🚲 Cycle through Time:


  • Renting a bicycle and pedaling through Vis is akin to traveling through time. Ancient villages, sun-kissed vineyards, and olive groves paint a picture of idyllic life. Every turn, every path leads to a new discovery, be it a hidden chapel, an old stone house, or a secluded beach.  

Vis, with its untouched splendors, beckons. It promises tales of ancient civilizations, flavors of the Adriatic, and views that stay with you long after you've left. And at the heart of this experience is Escapian, ensuring that your journey to Vis is not just a trip but a chapter in your anthology of unforgettable travels.   

Written by Igor